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A Thousand Years from Now.
Melchizedek opens a book and begins to read aloud as a court unfolds onstage. Then, we are transported back to a distant plane where Lucifer is tried and sentenced. As the court scene concludes, monitors snap on all around us with current news events.



Present Day.
A secret meeting occurs somewhere, and an oath is sworn to protect an ancient Codex and lead the one who must return it. Jesus sings ("Hold On). Cyrus sings ("Humanity"). A package arrives at Cyrus' home containing a small metallic book (The Codex) with instructions to return it to God. This convinces Cyrus to look for his father, and he asks his sister Trina to come with him, but she declines and tells him to leave. ("Help Me Deal") In a dimension outside of ours, Lucifer plans his final assault on humankind, but he must recover the Codex, the Book of the Sealed, which holds the genetic code and names of people vital to completing God's plan on earth. He summons the demon Zamar, one of the spirits of the Nephilim, to help him recover the Codex and complete their final assault on God's grand scheme to redeem humankind. Zamar agrees to follow Lucifer's plans, hoping he will give him the power, leverage, and ability to flee the earth. Zamar is sent with Asmodeus to find the book and bring it to him. Lucifer sings. ("See How You're Forcing My Hand") A newscast on the monitors shows us a giant spacecraft entering Earth's orbit with a message: "We are your creators. We come in peace. We have come to bring order." Dagon and Lucifer meet, and after the meeting, Dagon, unconvinced that Lucifer has what it takes to lead the rebellion, decides to work a plan of his own. Dagon sings. ("Don't You Wanna Win This War?") Nathan arrives at his home, and Preston pulls his daughter as she kicks and screams. He pleads for help, and it soon becomes evident that Asmodeus, a demon, possesses the girl, and he communicates directly through her to Nathan about the Codex. ("Something Strange"). Jesus sings ("This Time and Age"). Dagon, appearing as Haatu, a "Creator," tells Cyrus he knows what he carries and offers to help him. He then reveals Lucifer's plan to take the Codex and how his life is in danger. He also tells him to call out Haatu if he ever needs him. Following his father's journal, Cyrus finds himself in a small, out-of-the-way Temple meeting with Brother Brian. Here, he learns he is the one chosen to deliver the Codex. ("Simple") Cyrus calls Satrina, but she refuses his call. Dagon appears as "Haatu" again to Cyrus and begins to sow seeds of doubt in his mind. ("Don't You Wanna Win This War? - Reprise") Meanwhile, Preston tells Nathan when all this happened with his daughter. Nathan tells Preston he should rest and leaves to clear his mind. ("This Time and Age - Nathan's Plea") Zamar meets with Preston, and we learn that Preston is a decoy to get more information about the Codex. Zamar kills Preston and his daughter when Nathan returns and puts Nathan to sleep. Asmodeus goes on a hunt to track down and kill the remaining Zealot priests. As "Haatu," Dagon meets with Cyrus and tells him his time is running out for him to help, and he must decide if he will give him the Codex. As an incentive, he offers to give Cyrus and Trina a DNA upgrade, which will help them live longer and have financial freedom in the new financial system. Cyrus can't decide and leaves to find Brother James. Brother James explains to Cyrus that his father is dead, gives Cyrus the second Key Ring, and tells him he must get the final Key Ring from Brother Nathan. ("Simple - Reprise") Cyrus contacts Haatu and tells him his father is dead and there's no point in finishing the quest. Cyrus decides to give the Codex to him. Brother Nathan wakes and finds himself in police custody, charged with the murders of Preston and Chloe. Jesus sings. ("Hold On"- Reprise.)




As Asmodeus seeks out the Zealots in the region, he finds Brother James and kills him. Zamar confronts Brother Brian. ("Heaven on Earth") When the priest learns who Zamar is, he willingly sacrifices his life to protect Cyrus, but Asmodeus returns and tells Zamar that Marcus' son Cyrus has the Codex. When Asmodeus leaves, Dagon appears and tries to convince Zamar that he, not Lucifer, has his best interest at heart and should consider joining his cause. 
Lucifer enters the court of Heaven to ridicule both God and man. ("For One in Paradise") Cyrus is visited by a Messenger and learns Haatu's true identity and who the Creators are. ("When Will You Ever Learn?" Part. 1)As "Haatu," Dagon meets with Cyrus to get his decision, but Cyrus rejects Haatu's offer and escapes.  Nathan, in jail, is approached by Adi, who opens Nathan's jail cell, telling him he doesn't believe he could have murdered Preston and his daughter. Taking this cue, Nathan escapes and makes contact with Cyrus. They meet, and Nathan gives Cyrus the final Key Ring to open the Codex. He also gives him advice and knowledge on continuing his quest. Shortly after, Nathan is caught by Adi, Caleb, and an officer. Nathan is shot and killed. ("Nathan's Death") Adi is then shot and killed by the officer. Cyrus contacts Trina and explains she was right about their father but has to continue the quest to return the Codex. She gets pissed off and ends the call. The Messengers appear to Trina about her lack of faith in her brother. They reveal that Cyrus needs her trust in him and God to complete his mission. ("I Think It's Time") Cyrus begins his journey down The Path of God. ("Acts II:17-21") As Cyrus continues his quest, an angel descends to meet him and offers Cyrus an easy out, but Cyrus is unmoved. The angel then reveals himself to be Lucifer. Lucifer teleports Satrina to their location and holds her captive as he demands Cyrus to give him the Book of the Sealed, but Cyrus refuses, believing God will protect him and his sister. ("When Will You Ever Learn? Part. 2") Lucifer commands Zamar to kill Cyrus and Trina and take the book, but Dagon appears and reminds him: "Cyrus must freely give the book; no one can take it!" Suddenly, Michael descends from above and battles with Lucifer. Michael calls Cyrus to complete his destiny and gives him the book. Lucifer is defeated and cast earthbound as Cyrus and Trina take cover. Angry, Lucifer advances to kill them; the voice of Christ shouts: "Leave them!" and Lucifer flees. ("You'll Live A Million Years"), Lucifer returns to kill Cyrus, but Trina, trying to protect her brother, takes the blow and is killed. Jesus Christ and Lucifer meet one last time. ("Light Years to Go") 


A Thousand Years Forward - Hours Later
Melchizedek finishes reading the story and closes the book. He gives a final warning and a parting farewell. He then vanishes into a kaleidoscope of light. ("Finale Medley")

Quill Illustration used in This Time and Age A Musical

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