Whispering can be heard everywhere. The smooth metallic sound of a synthetic female voice breaks through the whispering. CompuVoice: 3033 AD Jerusalem. The whispering voices continue. Soon the underlying sound of a city is heard. A city, awakening with the sounds of people, children, machines. The lights fade up slowly to reveal a crowd of students in an arena-like setting. They speak among themselves in anticipation of Melchizedek. Quickly the noise of the crowd decreases to a whisper. There is silence. He opens the book and begins to read to us.

“A long time ago, before your awakening, the Rebel planted the seeds of a rebellion. An evil consciousness arose from out of the order of angels, having turned away with the order under him, conceived an impossible thought; to place his throne in equal rank and power with the Creator. He began to plan the end of an era and the fall of one of the Creator Fathers' finest creations - Man. For you see, it had begun as all evil begins, with a small whisper.”


The screens go dead, and the lights black out. In a silhouette, two figures are faintly seen; one kneels the other stands. The one kneeling takes an oath from the one standing and pledges his life to protect the Codex, a special book with names. Here we also learn that the Sixth Seal has been opened.

Monitors snap on all around us with current news events. Our news anchor Diana Pierce gives us an update on the state of war in the Middle East. Our news Correspondent Oscar Keel elaborates more on the recent devastation left by the God's Army Alliance (G.A.A.) in Cairo, Eygpt. Next, Diana Pierce tells us about Digitech Global’s new DNA reorganizer and asks whether Alien Disclosure has improved our lives. Monitors out.




Satan has been planning his final assault on humankind, and he must now recover the Codex, the Book of the Sealed

which holds the genetic code (or marks) of 144,000 people. He summons Zamar (once a fierce angel in the army of God who fell from Heaven) to help him recover the Codex, complete their final assault on God's grand scheme to redeem humankind.

(“Humanity”) Cyrus Peters has been searching for his father since The Great Relocation years earlier. He never accepted the explanation given by the “Creators” and continued to search. One day a package arrives at his home containing his father’s journal and a small metallic book. Soon he and his sister, Satrina, discover a very cryptic message from their father hidden in the lining of the journal. The message is simple. With thousands of names and their genetic signatures, he must return the ancient metallic Codex to God. In addition, there is a journal entry mentioning a Zealot priest by the name of Nathan Padovense and where he might be found. Satrina thinks her father was crazy and wants nothing to do with any of it. She blames him for leaving them. Cyrus asks Satrina to come with him, but she declines and tells him to leave. (“Help Me Deal”). Jesus sings, (“Hold On).


Cyrus sets out to return this ancient Codex to a God as the world they once knew struggles to adjust to a new paradigm. With proof that his father may still be alive, Cyrus will seek answers and guidance from the people mentioned in the journal. Satan shares his plan with Zamar, and Zamar agrees to follow along, but he fears it may be an elaborate trap set up by God to defeat them again. He bargains his freedom from Satan in return for his loyalty. Satan agrees. His focus is the complete eradication of Mankind, whom he feels was unfairly created to replace him and his kind. Zamar agrees once more and is sent with Asmodeus to find the book and bring it back to him (“Help Me Get Out of This Hell”). Jesus sings (“This Time and Age”).


Immediately after Zamar leaves, Dagon meets with Satan to discuss the dangers of their final solution. Satan, however, is undeterred and doubles down on his decision.


Nathan arrives at his hotel and is immediately confronted by Preston, who is dragging his daughter as she kicks and screams. He asks Nathan if he will help, but Nathan refuses, not wanting to get involved, and tries to enter the hotel. He is then confronted by an older woman who knows The Order he belongs to and pleads for the girl’s sake. He relents. Soon it becomes evident that Asmodeus possess the girl, and he communicates directly through her to Nathan about the Book of the Sealed. After an exhaustive exorcism, Asmodeus leaves the girl's body. Preston picks up his daughter and follows Nathan into the hotel. (“Something Strange”).


Following the journal’s trail, Cyrus finds himself in a small out-of-the-way Temple in Turkey looking for a priest mentioned in the journal. He is led to meet the priest and asks him if he remembers his father, Marcus Peters. He pulls out the journal and then the Book of the Sealed. But when he does, the priest gets alarmed and nervously begs Cyrus to put the book away! He then tells Cyrus that he must never reveal the book in public because Satan (the Evil One) is looking for it and why. He learns the meaning of the codex and that his father may still be alive, but the secrecy of The Order swears him never to reveal a fellow member's whereabouts. It is here that Cyrus learns he has been chosen to deliver the book (“Madness”).  Cyrus tries to call Satrina, but she refuses his call.


Meanwhile, Preston tells Nathan when all this began to happen with his daughter. Nathan learns that Preston was a military arms adviser to Israel testing advanced limited strike weapons when one of the missiles went off course suddenly and accidentally blew a hole in the ancient ruins at Megiddo. When he and his fellow officers investigated, they found a small metallic book in the crater left by the ordinance. He tells him his friend Marcus Peters was the one who retrieved it. Preston said Marcus would get it to the Israeli Antiquities Authority and have it analyzed. Still, the next day he disappeared without a trace as everyone else did during the Great Removal. Nathan tells Preston he should get some rest and leaves him to care for his daughter (“Nathan’s Plea”).


Outside the hotel, Nathan runs into Zamar, who uses his powers to freeze him. He then demands to know where the book is but Nathan, unable to move, senses the evil and tells him he doesn’t know where it is. Suddenly Nathan can hear screams from inside the hotel room. Zamar tells Nathan he can no longer hide from them because they know who he is and calls him Marcus as he leaves! Nathan, now free, runs back into the hotel, but it’s too late Preston and his daughter have been killed. A flurry of confusion ensues as police are called, and chaos breaks out.


Handcuffed and being questioned, Nathan denies having killed Preston and his daughter. The police, however, are not too sure and press in. Cyrus arrives soon after following the clues left in the journal to see what is taking place. He inquires about what’s happening, and a bystander pointing to Nathan tells him that he killed two people, but the older woman intervenes and tells him that the man is a Zealot Priest, not a murderer. Cyrus realizes immediately that this must be Nathan Padovense, the Zealot Priest mentioned in the journal, and runs to see if he can speak with him. After he convinces (bribes) one of the officers to let him pass, he approaches Nathan.

Nathan turns and is stunned he is seeing his son in a place he should not be. Cyrus does not recognize him. He asks him if he knows anything about his father’s whereabouts, but Nathan steers the conversion away by telling him he must get away from there because he isn’t safe. He asked Cyrus if he has the Book of the Sealed. Confused at how he would know this, Cyrus presses in on his father’s whereabouts, and Nathan tells him he doesn’t know. Cyrus then asks about Preston, to which Nathan tells him he is dead. He then tells him that he has to return the book when Cyrus asks him how he whispers something into his ear and tells him to trust no one! Cyrus runs off.


When the Police return, they question Nathan some more and then tell him he’ll have to go to the station. But one of the officers isn’t convinced that Nathan killed Preston and his daughter after revealing that Preston’s spine was completely crushed. Cyrus tries to call Satrina but gets a recorded message instead.


We now find Cyrus seated in an old chamber office of sorts. Seated behind the great desk is an old Priest. Cyrus speaks the first part of a coded password to which the Old Priest completes the sentence. They are now free to talk. Cyrus tells him that Nathan sent him to get his help and tell him where his father might be. But after the Old Man questions Cyrus about the Book and finds he doesn’t have it, he tells him that his father took his own life. Cyrus doesn’t believe it at first, but the Old Man convinces him it’s the truth. He then pulls a map from his sleeve and gives it to Cyrus. He tells him it will help him find The Path of God and return the Book of the Sealed to Him. Cyrus leaves, after which the Old Man reveals himself to be Satan. He kicks over a pile of books exposing the dead body of the real Old Priest. (“Madness - Reprise”), Jesus sings (“Hold On - Reprise”).




Monitors snap on all around us with current news events. Our news anchor Phillis Jenkins lets us know that a state of war exists between Eygpt and the Middle East Union. Oscar Keel brings us the top technology story from Digitech Global, maker of the new Micro Pinpoint drive, which can hold up to 8 terabytes of information and easily implant or be worn on a wristband. Monitors out.


Zamar, now concerned that the Book is in the hands of another person, confronts the priest Cyrus met earlier in Turkey (“Heaven on Earth”). When the priest learns who Zavae is, he willingly sacrifices his own life to protect Cyrus. Unfortunately, he leaves behind a clue, and Zamar learns that Marcus’ son, Cyrus, has the Sealed book. Dagon meets with Zamar and tells him he must be careful from this point on. That what he seeks must be given freely. No one can take it. Dagon leaves, and Zamar ponders his words. Satan enters the court of Heaven to taunt the Creator (“For One in Paradise”).


Nathan, now imprisoned in a small cell, has been badly beaten. Maja, one of the police officers, allows him to escape telling him that he doesn’t believe he could have murdered Preston and his daughter; the damage was too great for any man to inflict in such a short amount of time. He now believes something “else” had to have done it. He tells him the night guard has been knocked out, so there should be no problems. He then walks away, leaving the cell door unlocked. Taking this cue, Nathan escapes.


Soon Nathan meets up with Cyrus and tells him that he now knows his father is dead. Nathan desperately wants to tell him the truth, but he can’t. Cyrus wants to share the map he got from the Old Man, but Nathan refuses. He still has a mission to complete, giving Cyrus key warnings he should follow to return the book. He then sends Cyrus on his way.  Shortly after, Nathan is caught by Maja and two police officers. Apparently, the night guard didn’t wake up as planned. Thinking he killed the guard, they give him the option of being shot or taking his own life. (“Nathan’s Death”).


Cyrus begins the Path of God and is immediately met with the Messengers. They reveal that the path he is currently traveling down is the wrong path and that the map he has is false. When he tells them who gave it to him, they tell him it was Satan he met with and not the real priest. One of the Messengers gives him a tiny scroll replacing the map and tells him he will know what to do with it when the time comes. As they ascend to leave, Cyrus asks whether his father 'made it,' and they tell him that “Marcus now dwells with us.”


Monitors snap on all around us with current news events. Our news anchor Phillis Jenkins lets us know that the Capitol of Libya has been razed to the ground with tens of thousands dead and that Digitech Global has added the extra convenience of a three-digit code that can be tied to your DNA marker. For those who have had adverse physical reactions to the chipping implants. Monitors out. (“Maybe It’s Time”)


Cyrus begins the Path of God anew and is met with the first of his three challenges. He sees his sister being held captive and her life threatened by a band of terrorists who demand the book. He refuses. She begs him, but he continues to refuse when his sister's head is cut off. He fights through the illusion and is immediately confronted with a tattered man and woman huddled together in his way. They tell him he must speak the words of truth or be unable to pass or move until he does. At first, he doesn’t know what to do, but suddenly he takes out the tiny scroll given to him by the Messengers and puts it in his mouth. (“Acts II:17-21”).


As he passes and continues his journey, an Angel descends to meet him. He tells him has come from Michael to retrieve the book. The angel offers Cyrus an easy out, but Cyrus is unmoved, knowing that this is the last of the three challenges, and he is ready to die if need be to complete his quest. With each objection the Angel offers, Cyrus becomes bolder until the angel reveals himself to be Satan.


Now for the first time, the quest to deliver the book has become all too real. Satan teleports Satrina to their location and holds her captive. He tells Cyrus he must now give up something to get something (his sister by implication.) He is then told he must choose. Cyrus asks to speak with her, and Satan agrees. Cyrus then explains to Satrina what the codes are, what they mean to humankind, and why Satan must not have them. Satrina finally understands the magnitude of what’s at stake. Cyrus then asks her if she is willing to die for the truth. She responds that she is.


Satan, impatient, requires an answer and tells them that there is only one decision to make and that they should make it. Cyrus decides not to turn over the book but to stand in faith, believing God will protect them.  (“When Will You Ever Learn?”).  


Satan commands Zavae to kill Cyrus and Satrina and take the book, but before he does, he is met by Dagon, who tells him not to touch it! That “the book has to be given freely, no one can take it!” Zamar doesn’t believe him but decides not to kill Cyrus and Satrina but takes the book instead and lifts it skyward, begging God to forgive him. Satan enraged screams, “Not to Him! There is no redemption for us!”  But it is too late. A shaft of light beams down on Zavae, the floor opens, and Zavae screams for Dagon’s help, but Dagon flees, warning Satan that he has caused the Seventh Seal to be opened. Zamar is swallowed up as Michael descends from above to retrieve the Codex and do battle with Satan.


Michael calls out to Cyrus to complete his destiny and give him the book. But Satan advances towards Satrina, knowing that Cyrus will be forced to trade the book for her life if he can get to her first. Cyrus dives and retrieves the Codex. Michael descends to receive it then says: “Do you freely give the Codex?” Cyrus replies, “Yes!” Michael takes it and ascends toward the light. Satan advances to meet Michael’s ascent. Swords clash in angelic power, the lightning flashes, thunder roars. Another blow from Satan. Unknown metals of an unknown time crash together like lightning. Michael strikes the final blow, and Satan falls earthbound out of the heavens. The light bursts forth from above, and Michael vanishes. Cyrus and Satrina have taken cover.


Angry, Satan advances to kill them both but a flash of light beams down, and the voice of Jesus is heard shouting: “Leave them!” and Satan flees. (“You’ll Live A Million Years”). Satan and Jesus meet one last time before the Seventh Seal is opened. (“Light Years to Go”) 


Melchizedek rises from the floor, and we are transported back to the beginning. He gives his closing remarks, a parting farewell, then vanishes.  (“Finale Medley”).


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