A Thousand Years from Now.

Melchizedek opens a book and begins to read out loud as a court begins to unfold onstage. Then, the Trail of the Fallen takes place, and we are transported back in time to a distant plane where both the angels and Satan are tried and sentenced. As the court scene concludes, monitors snap on all around us with current news events.



Present Day.

Somewhere in the space-time continuum, we see Satan planning his final assault on humankind, but he must recover the Codex, the Book of the Sealed, which holds the genetic code of 144,000 people. So he summons Zamar to help him recover the Codex and complete their final assault on God's grand scheme to redeem humankind. Cyrus Peters has been searching for his father since he suddenly disappeared years earlier. ("Humanity")  A package arrives at Cyrus' home containing a small metallic book (Book of the Sealed) with instructions to return it to God. This convinces Cyrus to look for his father and asks Satrina to come with him, but she declines and tells him to leave. ("Help Me Deal") Jesus sings ("Hold On). Zamar agrees to follow Satan's plans but bargains for his freedom in return for his loyalty. Satan agrees. Zamar is sent with Asmodeus to find the book and bring it back to him. ("Help Me Get Out of This Hell") Jesus sings ("This Time and Age"). Nathan arrives at his hotel, and Preston drags his daughter as she kicks and screams. He pleads for help. Soon it becomes evident that the girl is possessed by a demon, and he communicates directly through her to Nathan about the Book of the Sealed. ("Something Strange"). Following his father's journal, Cyrus finds himself in a small, out-of-the-way Temple meeting with Brother Brian. Here, he learns he is the one chosen to deliver the Book of the Sealed. ("Madness") Cyrus calls Satrina, but she refuses his call. Meanwhile, Preston tells Nathan when all this began to happen with his daughter. Nathan tells Preston he should get some rest and leaves to clear his mind. ("Nathan's Plea") Zamar meets Nathan, and we learn that Preston was a decoy to get more information about the Book of the Sealed. Zamar kills Preston and his daughter and puts Nathan to sleep. When he wakes, he finds himself in police custody, charged with murder. Cyrus is seated in a chamber office with Brother James. Cyrus tells him that Brother Brian sent him to get his help in returning the Book of the Sealed. Brother James pulls out a piece of the map, gives it to Cyrus, and tells him he must get the final piece from Brother Nathan. ("Madness - Reprise") Jesus sings. ("Hold On - Reprise")




Zamar confronts Brother Brian. ("Heaven on Earth") When the priest learns who Zamar is, he willingly sacrifices his life to protect Cyrus. Satan enters the court of Heaven to ridicule both God and man. ("For One in Paradise") Nathan, in jail, is approached by Adi, one of the police officers. He opens Nathan's jail cell, telling him he doesn't believe he could have murdered Preston and his daughter. Taking this cue, Nathan escapes and makes contact with Cyrus. They meet, and Nathan gives Cyrus the final piece of the map, and Cyrus continues his quest. Shortly after, Nathan is caught and given the option of being shot or taking his own life. ("Nathan's Death") The Messengers appear to Satina about her lack of faith in her brother. They reveal that Cyrus needs her faith in him and God to complete his mission. ("Maybe It's Time") Cyrus begins his journey down The Path of God. ("Acts II:17-21") As Cyrus continues his quest, an angel descends to meet him and offers Cyrus an easy out, but Cyrus is unmoved. The angel then reveals himself to be Satan. Satan teleports Satrina to their location and holds her captive as he demands Cyrus to give him the Book of the Sealed, but Cyrus refuses, believing God will protect him and his sister. ("When Will You Ever Learn?") Satan commands Zamar to kill Cyrus and Satrina and take the book, but Dagon appears and reminds him: "Cyrus must freely give the book; no one can take it!" Suddenly Michael descends from above and does battle with Satan. Michael calls out to Cyrus to complete his destiny and give him the book. Satan is defeated and cast earthbound as Cyrus and Satrina have taken cover. Angry, Satan advances to kill them; the voice of Christ shouts: "Leave them!" and Satan flees. ("You'll Live A Million Years"), Satan returns to kill Cyrus but Satrina in trying to protect her brother takes the blow and is killed. Jesus Christ and Satan meet one last time. ("Light Years to Go")  


A Thousand Years from Now and A Few Hours Later.

Melchizedek finishes reading the story and closes the book. He gives a final warning, and a parting farewell. He then vanishes into a kaleidoscope of light. ("Finale Medley")

Quill Illustration used in This Time and Age A Musical

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